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Model Glory 5
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B(SMD3528)
Pixel density 36864 dot/m2
Single screen pixel 9216/Cabinet(96×96)
Horizontal/vertical viewing angle 140°/120°
Horizontal / vertical angle of rotation 2600nit
Maximum brightness after calibration 2400nit
Contrast ratio 2600∶1
Color temperature 5600K-9300K
Refresh frequency rate 600-1000Hz
Repetition frequency ≥60Hz
Driving type 1/8
Pixel correction
Lifetime full white 5kH
Actual lifetime(<50% brightness) 10kH
Working temperature -10℃~60℃’
Operating humidity 30%-95%
Cabinet dimensions 500x500x73mm
Cabinet weight 14.5kg
Power supply voltage 100 to 240V
Power consumption max. 920W/m2
Power consumption average 460W/m2
Protection level IP31
Maintenance mode Front magnet fastening structure


Model Glory 2.6
Physical resolution 2.6mm
Pixel Configuration 1R1G1B(SMD2020)
Physical pixel density 147,456 dot/m2
Pixel density 36,864/Cabinet(192×192)
Horizontal Viewing angle 140°/140°
Brightness before calibration 2000nit
After calibration 1800nit
Contrast ratio 2000∶1
Color temperature Adjustable 6000K-8000K
Refresh rate ≥3000Hz
Frame rate ≥60Hz
Driving Type 1/16
Pixel Correction
Lifetime full white 5kh
Half brightness 10kh
Operating temperature -10℃~60℃’
Operating humidity 30%-90%
Cabinet Size 500x500x48mm
Cabinet Weight 8kg
Power Supply 100 ~ 240V
Power Consumption Max 1440W/m2
Power Consumption Average 360W/m2
Protection level IP31