Multi-functional modern stadium, not only can be used to hold all kinds of sports games, and can be used for various kinds of large literary activities and assembly, etc., thus to screen display content requirements can be summarized as rich and varied, real-time. With the application of LED display technology unceasing development and perfect, LED display has become a modern sports venues necessary supporting facilities. PIXTRON with rich experience, first-class technology, perfect service, for customers to provide complete and reliable LED display sports venues application solutions.

A gymnasium, LED display main function analysis:

Introduce player material, the game is live. Large, clear game on TV screen, broke the seat limitation, let remote watch the game easier.

Connect the referee system, timing scoring system, LED screen can be real-time broadcast matches time and score.

Slow-motion replay more as the judge to make the right decision basis, maintain the game fair, justice, reduce unnecessary conflict.

Wonderful scene, slow-motion replay, close-up, brings the perfect visual feast.
Commercial broadcast to match the icing on the cake, perfect quality and sound effect, make the field more game atmosphere and ZhenHanXing.

Second, the gym LED display technology requirements:
Live video image technology requirements: a sports stadium, literature, art, performance, large activities may through the electronic display screen live, and have panoramic, close-up, slow motion, flash beating, drag image, nostalgic movies and other special effects.

Multiple input methods compatibility of the technical requirements: the gym can not only display by the camera for true color real-time field pickup, still can broadcast TV and satellite TV programs, play VCD, DVD, LD and all kinds of homemade video signal programs, support PAL, NTSC, etc. Various kinds of system, display content can also is a computer on the various graphic information, from the stadium internal information network or the public information network of all kinds of information; Has in the television picture superimposed text information, also can be in video image superposition outside text, pictures, animations, etc function; In the cultural and artistic performance, large gathering play relevant background image, etc.

Rich and colorful graphic information broadcast and various technical requirements of broadcast way: on the one hand can be used for video image live, can be a news release, the important notice, slogans, display, screen can display text, graphics, design, animation, etc.; At the same time play with different proportion about the picture and text function. On the other hand have translation, rolling, rolling, wipe, draw curtain, single/multiple lines translation, single/line/down, left/right/pull, pull down, turn the page, moving, rotating, narrow, amplification, flicker, window, and other functions, in order to hold large international sports events and activities, to display all the language is to be compatible, such as can show Chinese, English, digital and all kinds of text, and a variety of fonts font selection, text can be stepless scale.

To display control technology requirements: stadium screen is in the service of the competitive project large facilities, in its control technology should be integrated in the industry’s advanced technology, such as static latched technology, white balance technology, nonlinear correction technology, high gray level technology, color uniformity technology, video processing technology, fast motion image compensation technology, all brake control technology, etc.

Design and installation commissioning quality assurance: stadium display are used for sports, large activities. Any fault and error will have a big impact, and stability of the engineering quality is the objective requirement of the user. In order to meet the requirements, ensure screen stable, reliable operation, do be on the safe side, we must in the design, production, installation, commissioning, delivery and use in order to quality for the pilot, with effective quality assurance system to ensure that the whole production process.

Third, the gym LED display solutions:

Football screen: mainly installed on the football around. Used in football around advertisement, through the control of the system software, can realize the circulation broadcast advertising, rich in content and the performance is good..

Funnel shaped sports LED display: mainly used in indoor sports venues above, using suspension type installation, to introduce the players, the score, event progress live events. More common in basketball venues and multi-function gymnasium.

Stadium metope LED display: mainly installed on the side of the stadium on wall body, used in synchronous live events and synchronous display events real-time information. General for large screen.

Open post sports LED display: this kind of display quality of the demand is higher, need to have the wind dust, temperature adaptability good, to adapt to all kinds of weather performance. General installation in the gymnasium of large pillar.

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A, LED display advertising media application profile. Along with the LED technology continues to mature, no doubt, to promote the popularization of LED display applications. As the full color LED application’s largest fields – – – – – advertising media industry, also pulled open traditional plane advertisement overall upgrade era.

Second, the LED advertising display application:

1, in single or multiple business center, stream of large area, to build outdoor full-color LED, covering the whole city of even the national outdoor baimiao network. Such as domestic: tulips, sweet pavilions li.

2, baimiao, strong visual impact, ultra clear drawings, the huge shock force. Is a significant powerful advertising charm! For the brand image of the mold and spread. Many baimiao are local landmarks, its itself is a very good advertising.

3, busy streets, community, etc to build hd small and medium-sized full color LED display screen or information screen, composed of a media delivery network.

4, small screen, dissemination of seepage force strong, network of coverage, direct consumption terminal, low investment the desired result quickly, the propaganda effect is good.

Three, PIXTRON brigitte window LED advertising display product features and advantages

A. we not only provide mounting bracket, but also provide a full range of LED display system, including: control system, power supply (plug), software, accessories, installation structure drawings and other services.

B. cabinet design standardization, so that the same body size can be used in different pixel display requirements, make LED advertising screen install more convenient.

Cristiano LED housing thinner, lighter, saving the transportation cost.

D. unique waterproof housing design, accord with IP65 protection standards, can be directly used in outdoor installation.

E. PIXTRON LED display can be in the world different climate area to use, the use of temperature range in – 10 ℃ to 60 ℃, our housing have good moisture corrosion resistance, so the products even in the high humidity and high salinity of air environment in use.

F. outdoor LED display brightness 4000 nit, applicable to different installation environment. In product design, we have been adhering to the energy conservation and environmental protection design concept.

G. intelligent environment controller available, according to the ambient brightness to adjust the screen brightness.

H. Glory series of LED display solutions provide remote central control management, a monitoring center can realize the piece of LED advertising screen control.

I. LED video control system with double backup system, once the malfunction, customers can instantly switch to backup system.

J. The company also provide related maintenance spare parts, all the spare parts are modular design, easy to after-sales maintenance.

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A, LED display stage background application summary:

LED display technology unceasing development and perfect let LED display in the day television gala, the same song and other columns stage background a wide range of applications, LED display in stage background, special effects in the effect of the show being slowly the familiar with. With the Beijing Olympic Games, 10 years the world expo and the Asian games in large scale application of LED display effects, but also LED to a stage background application way push to unprecedented height.

Second, the LED display stage background function:

Carried live on television, large, clear live pictures, broke the seat limitation, let remote watching the performance more easy, so as to make the audience a audio-visual feast.

Wonderful scene, slow-motion replay, close-up, all kinds of stage background environment change at will, the performance of the artistic conception to acme.

Lifelike image and the shock of the perfect combination of music, build a vi-sion stage background.

Three, solution features:

According to customer requirements and field environment, customize the most appropriate LED display solutions.

Original production process, and extend the product life, take into account the indoor and outdoor various stage background;

Easy installation, maintenance is simple, provide the special control system and professional technical training;


PIXTRON brigitte window LED display system includes six parts:
1, LED display equipment;
2, LED display control system;
3, LED display information processing system;
4, LED display distribution system;
5, LED display safety protection system;
6, LED display structure engineering.

LED display equipment
This part includes outdoor LED display case and installation piece, or indoor LED display module unit;

LED display control system
This part includes the LED display control card, send CARDS, communication screen wire or fiber and supporting adapter or wireless transmission module, etc

LED display information processing system
This part includes video processor, external equipment conversion parts, such as DVD \ nonlinear editor, audio and video matrix, TV signal set-top box and other equipment

LED display power distribution system
This part includes screen distribution box and built-in remote power on module, used for over current, over voltage, overload protection

LED display safety protection system

This part includes the following protective parts:
N anti high temperature; Dust, moisture;
N prevent noise pollution;
N wind, let the rain,
N counter-attack light, sunscreen and prevent animal impact
N to prevent lightning;
N prevent over current, short circuit, break, overvoltage, undervoltage, etc.;
N is three;
N shockproof function.