“Pixtron”is one of SAE’s brands, established in 2010.
“Pixtron”specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service system LED. The major product is full-range LED indoor and outdoor color display. It widely used in financial, sport, weather, military, advertisement, transport, broadcast and communication publication. Pixtron dedicates to providing the high quality and performance LED products and solutions to domestic and foreign professional customers and end users.

As one of the thinnest LED screen in China, Pixtron series product won many users and insiders’ highly attention because of its excellent performance, high technology and energy saving concept. Also, it becomes the highest standard in big screen display application with its LED technology. Its internally and externally beauty also loads innovative LED backlight technology, adopting the light-thin design style, which makes its thickness of screen only 72mm. Compared with the traditional LED screen, Pixtron has a longer life and is more environmental and energy-save, which is one of the most environmental product in market. With its ground-breaking design and high-tech material, it brings LED industry revolutionary changes. Reliable design and outstanding image quality, easy and inexpensive aftersales service, Pixtron LED screen is the best choice for your big scale multimedia image display.

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Rapid loading and unloading
“it would be fantastic if we could easily finish the installation.”In response to this idea, PIXTRON engineers design a tool-free installation structure to improve installation speed, saving installation costs. The full stainless unarmed component of the installation, you only need two engineering staff to quickly complete the construction of a large screen.

High flatness
The Glory series 500mmx500mm LED display unit has a high-precision aluminum alloy overall base, lead-free, in line with to Rosh European environmental standard. Screen Steel extremely difficult to deform, to ensure that the overall flatness installed. Cabinet edge with the module is completely at the same level, its flatness can be achieved 0.4mm/m2.

Any cell line replacement
Taking into account the ease of maintenance in the future, Pixtron is designed to be universal maintenance structure. The structure breaks the traditional maintenance and entire screen demolition of defects. You can change the damaged Screen (500×500) replacement of any location online, also front direct heat to replace the smallest LED light modules (167×167) of job.

Glory series structure adopts wholly aircraft grade aluminum alloy material component. It is a well-shaped framework seal structure, not a traditional box-opener structure. It is firmer than the ordinary box, dust-proof and moisture-proof which greatly extended service life, reducing maintenance costs in the future. XYZ axis mounted accuracy at the same time can be increased by 10 times, fully achieve seamless effect.

Holistic color correction
The principle of the color correction is the color space transform, to transfer the fixed wide color gamut space of LED screen to the target color space which set by user. This target color space can be the standard one, also, can be the one who customized by user. For LED screen, while is correcting the color and promising the quality, Pixtron’s products are adjusted through professional digital spectroclorimeter. It makes sure the evenness of the brightness, so the color correction should be done synchronously.

Powerful Υ correction function
Pixtron has a unique automatic brightness adjustment function, under different light conditions for the best playback. The display system using a new scanning technology greatly improves the display refresh rate. The display is more clear and stable. It can be long-distance transmission.

Simple connection, infinite creativity
The Glory Series LED screen 500×500 display unit can be combined into the shape of the standard display and arbitrary shaped display. Can either be an integration of the screen also can be a separate screen.
Adopted PIXTRON LED screen control software, a PC can achieve to control two screen functions simultaneously. Let your creativity get more play and easier management, also, less cost.

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PIXTRON process are the welding process and the installation process. Up to 100,000 welds in the display system, a cold solder joint can be caused by at least one pixel barrel unlit, so the welding process is very important. PIXTRON unique delicate reflow soldering process manufacturing, the entire welding the complete by the device, in order to avoid the artificial fault.

1. All aluminum screen frame material will be anti-corrosion, fire-resistant treatment.

2.Adopted the large cabinet structure. The material of cabinet would be polished, with waterproof and anti-corrosion. With the characteristics of thinness, light-weight, strong and positioning pointing, make sure the accuracy of the installation.

3. Using standard cabinet structure, so the screen body frame structure is simple and easy to control. Easy control of positioning accuracy and screen installation process ensures the flatness of the entire screen.

4. Welded connection and join simple, you can ensure that the coupling strength, while improving the efficiency of the screen installation.

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To light: full aluminium alloy box size 500X500 mm, weight < 15 kg, one people can carry it, also save installation time;

To thin: cabinet thickness is only 72 mm, humanized handle design;

To fine: Adopted the aviation level die-casting molding process,cabinet surface planeness error controls in less than 0.1 mm, accord with European environmental protection Rosh standards, the whole screen planeness and splicing gap is less than 0.4 mm;

To fast: housing is used to connect the well glyph frame type seal connection without tools, hand to twist can installation;

To let: diversification installation, realizes demands of lifting, stacking, fixed installation , indoor and outdoor of a variety of pixel pitch compatibility mode;

To easy: adopting modular design, can assemble randomly position independently online;

To steady: through the high temperature 60 degrees Celsius, low temperature below 10 degrees Celsius to make the hang aging test and normal operation;

To low: low power consumption,low transportation cost, and low maintenance cost.

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1. Visual distance close, like TV, but has a high quality picture effect when closely watch;

2. Extremely high density, can play high resolution video in small size scale, effectively eliminate Mosaic phenomenon;

3. Large viewing angle, the best horizontal viewing angle can reach to 140

4. The blackbody LED lamp bead can achieve amazing black performance level;

5. 16 – bit color and gray level are close to changing gradient of natural color;

6. High contrast meets hd picture replay, it would achieve to a lasting and stable picture by time;

7. High structure performance, scientific circuit design and high performance components make screen has a long life.

8. Excellent aluminum heat-dissipation structure and no fan thermal design, thermal conductive silicone, PCB aluminum lagging , cooling system to ensure the screen operation reliability, noiseless,

9. Based on authentication of third party SGS, IP65 protection levels meet all weather weather conditions use.

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Color three attributes: hue, brightness, and purity. People can see kinds of color, vivid, soft and bright with different strength. Most colors have these three attributes. Color can be divided into two categories, color series and decoloration series. The color of color series have three attributes. The decoloration series’ objects, black, white and gray ones has only has one attribute, brightness. However, the three attributes of color not only include the color series, but also the decoloration series. People can set the nature and quality to any color based on these three attributes. Because the color was produced by reflecting of light of objects.


Hue is formed by different wavelength and frequency. It is also called by gradation, pure color, saturation, color gender, color quality and tone. Based on the sequence of solar spectrum, arrange the hue to a round circle, to connect the end to end, which is called hue ring, containing red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and other major hue.


Brightness means the quality of the light waves reflected by the objects, also the strength of the light waves. It decides the depth of the color. As reflecting the same wave length, the quality of the light wave will be different. For example, pink has more reflective light waves and its brightness is closed to light gray. Compared with red, it has less reflected light waves and is closer to deep gray. They share the same hue but different brightness. However, there is another reason which affected the brightness of the color: people’s normal visual for the sensitivity for different color light. People have a high sensitivity of yellow, orange, and green. In this case, these colors will be felt more bright. The blue, purple and red will have a lower visual sensitivity which will make these color darker. Usually, people will use white, gray and black to divide as different brightness, to be a standard brightness color level for comparing other colors.


Purity means the pure degree of the object reflective light-waves frequency, which single or mix frequency decides the bright level of the produced color. The is a foreign word, people translated in: saturation, color purity, color degree, and gradation which all means Purity. The shade purity of single frequency is the highest. With the mixing or adding of other frequency color light.